How to Change Your Cat’s Routine



Make gradual changes to your cat’s diet.,
Serve the new food in the old bowl.,
Add delicious toppings to the new diet.,
Create a peaceful and secure eating area.,
Avoid feeding your cat the same food all the time.

If you need to get your cat on a prescribed diet, you should gradually wean them onto the new food. Serve them a combination of the new and the old diet in their usual portion size. Decrease the amount of the old food in their serving by one tablespoon per day.Eventually, you will be ready to shift them entirely onto the new food.If you accustom your cat to a varied diet early in life, it will be easier to shift them onto a new or prescribed diet.

, Place the new food in the bowl they know, alongside some of the old food in another familiar bowl alongside it. You can also mix the two together in one familiar bowl. If your cat does not touch the new food, put the bowl in the fridge and try again at the next mealtime. Continue trying until they start eating the new food.Do not keep canned cat food in the fridge for more than five days.

, You could try adding a bit of canned salmon or other favorite foods to your cat’s new diet. They will focus on the flavors from their favorite dishes and gradually become accustomed to the new food., If you have recently moved or need to change the location of your cat’s eating area for another reason, you should find a peaceful location. The eating area should be a good distance away from the kitty litter, since cats do not like to eat close to where they do their business. It should also be in a secure location, away from noisy areas of the house.If you own multiple cats, you should give each cat their own food bowl. If possible, feed them in different areas where they cannot see one another. This will reduce the stress of mealtime.
Some cats like their water in a different location from their food.

, You can make future dietary changes easier by varying your cat’s diet once in a while. Instead of always feeding them wet food, give them dry food once in a while. If you typically buy the same brand, try a different brand periodically. When the time comes for a prescribed dietary change, your cat will be more likely to accept it.

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