How to Change Your Cat’s Routine



Schedule playtime during the day.,
Use interactive toys if you are away during the day.,
Let your cat outdoors during the day.,
Install a bird feeder.,
Feed your cat after playtime.,
Don’t let your cat sleep in your bedroom.,
Avoid responding to your cat during the night.

Make some time at lunch or right after work to play with your cat. Throw a toy mouse for your cat or give your cat a ball of string to chase. Your cat will get tired out and will be more likely to sleep during the night., Cat towers with scratch surfaces and hanging balls to hit, mice and other toy animals for your cat to hunt and scratching pad toys are all good options. There are also circuit games where your cat gets to hunt a ball through a maze.Interactive cat toys range in price from $6 to $60.
Consider finding a toy that requires minimum work on your part, so that your cat can play alone during the day.

, If you live in the country and it is safe, you can let your cat outdoors during the day. Your cat will be able to climb trees, hunt and explore. After all of the daytime activity, your cat will be more likely to sleep at night.Allowing your cat outdoors always carries some risk. Other animals, parasites, and the elements all pose dangers to your cat. Consider this carefully before choosing to let your cat outdoors unsupervised.If you decide to let your cat outdoors, be sure your cat is spayed or neutered and up to date on vaccinations, flea and tick control, and heartworm prevention.

, Watching birds is a fun routine for cats, especially if you need to keep them indoors. If you live in an area that accommodates a bird feeder, consider installing it in a location where your cat will be able to see it. Your cat will enjoy the activity and it will keep them occupied while you are busy with other things., Offer a high protein meal to your cat after your post-work playtime session. The combination of exercise and food will prepare your cat for nighttime rest.Look into high protein food. High protein diets are generally healthier for cats.Try searching for high-protein options at your local pet store.

, It is important to set boundaries early in the life of your cat, so that they know not to disturb you during the night. If your cat is disturbing you at night, consider closing the door to prevent them from accessing your room and waking you., If your cat starts scratching at your bedroom door, try to ignore it. You should avoid giving in and playing with your cat, which will set up a positive feedback cycle, encouraging your cat to wake you up at night. Try to simply ignore your cat or put them in a different part of the house where they can’t disturb you as easily.You should also avoid negatively responding to your cat with anger or physical violence. In fact, any reaction to your cat may encourage them to continue the behavior. Simply ignore them when you can.

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