How to Catch Your Crush’s Eye (for Girls Only)



Make sure you have an outfit that you like ready the night before, or else you might end up wearing an outfit that you hate.,
Wake up 1 1/2 to 2 hours before you normally wake up.,
Get out your robe, clothes, and have a shower.,
After you are all clean and fresh, wash your face.,
Brush your hair and then take out a magazine.,
Eat breakfast.,
Brush your teeth EXTREMELY well.,
Put on your makeup.,
Lastly, don’t forget the deodorant.

You may lack confidence if you don’t like what you are wearing. Confidence is key. If you can’t love yourself why should he?;
, If you have trouble waking up, try to

A) Form a sleeping routine such as reading or journaling before you go to bed every night.
B)Go to bed early on school nights.
C) Get a loud alarm clock.
D) All of the above!

, After your shower, put some lotion on your legs, hands, and arms. You never know when you two might brush hands. Plus, guys like girls who look after themselves.

, It makes you feel better about yourself all day.

, Pick a look you like, and try to do your hair that way.

, If you skip this step, you may be stuck with a stomachache all day!

, Floss as well.

, Do something you like, but not too much. Guys don’t like girls with too much makeup.

, Even spray your favourite perfume. Guys love good smelling girls!

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