How to Catch Your Crush’s Attention



Define your style.,
Speak your voice.,
Use social media.,
Use confident body language.

Take a look at your wardrobe. Make sure that all your clothes feel like you, and aren’t just things that you’ve had for years and can’t bring yourself to get rid of. Your clothes are a great way to express yourself and show off your personality. If you have a very defined style, it can give your crush some idea of who you are and what you’re about, which could make your crush interested in talking to you.If you’re a sporty guy, wear your favorite team’s jersey. If you’re feminine and cute, embrace this side of yourself by wearing pastels and lacy clothes.
If you’re more of a rebel, wear band shirts and black jeans.
Don’t copy your crush’s style. Just because your crush has a very preppy style, don’t think you have to dress like you’re going to a country club if that’s not your look. You need to feel comfortable and feel like yourself in your clothes.

, Make yourself heard when your crush is around. If you are in a class with your crush, participate and answer questions. Voice your opinions and feedback in work or club meetings. Even just try to chat with friends around your crush. This will give your crush a better idea of what kind of person you are.Try your best to be cheerful and upbeat around your crush. People are naturally attracted to happy and confident people, so do your best to be positive when they are around.

, Social media is a great way to reach your crush in an indirect way. Even if your crush isn’t your Facebook friend or isn’t following your social media, he still may see your posts or pictures through mutual friends.Try to craft your social media presence to show you in the best possible light. Make sure that your posts and pictures present you as a positive and interesting person.
Make sure that you aren’t tagged in any unflattering photos or photos of you doing anything inappropriate.

, Even if your crush makes you feel nervous, do your best to act confident. Stand up straight with a relaxed smile. Don’t cross your arms, look down at the ground or fidget; these behaviors can make you look protective or nervous. Also try to keep your body turned toward your crush as opposed to away from her.

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