How to Catch Quail



Keep all your pets away.,
Close the doors of any other rooms.,
Block of any gaps, holes or hiding spots in the room.,
Prepare your items.,
Corner the quail.,
Throw a blanket/towel on the quail.,
Hold the quail and its wings firmly.,
Put the quail in a small box.,
Put the quail back in its cage.,
Obtain a pet carrier.,
Place the pet carrier in the same room of the quail.,
Lead the quail into the pet carrier.,
Quickly close the door of the pet carrier once your quail is inside.,
Take the quail back to its home.

Lock them in a separate room or outside and make sure they cannot get out or in.;
, This way, the quail will be trapped in the room and not be able to escape into a dangerous room with lots of hiding-spots.

, Behind wardrobes, underneath desks or in between cupboards are all places where quails will hide and get stuck. Block the gaps off with:


, You will probably need:

A helper.
A blanket or towel.
A small box with breathing holes.

, Try not to startle the quail or make any sudden movements, quails fly straight up to the roof when frightened and will injure their head.

, The blanket/towel will stop the quail from flying or moving and you will be able to hold the quail easier.

, Don’t squeeze the quail as this will harm it; cup the quail and its wings with your two hands.

, Make sure the box is closed properly and has breathing holes in it.

, Keeping the quail in a small box for too long will stress it out. Make sure that the cage is secure and that the quail will not be able to escape from it again.

, Make sure the quail is bigger than the wiring on the front so that it cannot escape. The wire spacing should be 1/2 of an inch.

, The pet carrier should be in a spot where your quail would go such as a corner.

, Use both of your arms or a blanket to prevent the quail from going the wrong way. The quail will eventually run inside the pet carrier.

Move slowly and quietly. If your quail is spooked it will fly straight up to the roof, damaging its head.

, You’ll have to be fast as the quail will easily run out once you’re near the carrier, but be careful to not slam the door on the quail as you might injure it.

, This time, make sure the quail’s housing is secure and has no holes or escape routes in it. You should check the housing over before you put the quail back in.

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