How to Catch Quail



Be prepared.,
Keep all your dangerous pets indoors.,
Realize what NOT to do.,
Find the quail.,
Corner the quail in an easy accessible area.,
Throw a blanket/sheet on the quail.,
Hold the quail and its wings firmly.,
Put the quail in a small box.,
Put the quail back in its cage.,
Obtain a bird net.,
Be prepared.,
Find the quail.,
Approach the quail calmly and quietly.,
Quickly put the bird net over the quail.,
Gently grab the quails body from the outside of the net.,
Put the quail inside a small box with breathing holes.,
Check the quails housing.,
Put the quail back in its home.,
Be prepared.,
Open the door of a shed.,
Find the quail.,
Chase the quail into the shed.,
Once you and your quail are inside the shed, close the door.,
Catch your quail.,
Return the quail to its cage.

Bring everything you will need to catch the quail. You will probably need:

A helper.
A small box with breathing holes.
A blanket or towel.
A long stick.

, Quails may be quite fast and camouflaged, but your dog or cat will eventually find them and possibly injure or kill them.

Don’t lock the pets in a room where you plan to lead the quail to, such as a shed or barn.

, There are many mistakes that quail-owners make and don’t realize that it’s not a good idea. Some tips on what you shouldn’t do are:

Don’t wait until the last minute to catch your quail. Most people take so long thinking of what they should do or waiting until someone arrives to help them that by the time they realize what to do or get help the quail is gone! Another mistake is people waiting until it is nighttime to catch the quail, thinking that the quail is sleepy and more tired. By then it would be a lot harder to find the quail as it is dark and the quail probably isn’t in the area anymore.
Don’t leave your quail. Even for just one minute, quail do travel and ‘’’blend’’’ into plants, grass and trees.
Don’t chase your quail. Even though you think you are going to catch up with the quail, quickly grab it and everything will be fine, the quail is a lot faster and smaller than you. Quails can also fly straight up into a more difficult position when frightened.

, In order to catch the quail you will need to know where it is. Search in bushes, along fences, under logs and above in the trees or on the roof. Remember, quails can fly a short distance so you may want to ask a neighbour to check their yard.

Try not to leave the quail out of your sight. You will most likely lose it and have to search all over the yard again, you might even lose it for good this time.
Poke a long stick along bushes, shrubs, grass and other hiding places. It might scare the quail into coming out or at least spook the quail so that you know where it is.

, The best place to corner the quail is indoors such as a shed, barn or your own home. That way the quail will find it hard to get away from you.

Do not corner the quail into any bushes, under large objects or outside your backyard, you will find it very hard to catch the quail.
Approach the quail slowly and quietly. Quails get frightened easily and will fly straight up if you scare them.

, You probably know by now that quails fly when frightened, that’s why placing a blanket over the quail is a good idea. The blanket will stop the quail from flying or escaping, it also makes the quail easy to hold.

, Cup both of your hands on the quail and remember to be gentle and not squeeze the quail tightly. Quails are very small and fragile.

, The box doesn’t have to be big if you are going to put the quail in its cage straight away, it does have to have breathing holes though.

, Do this straight away, keeping the quail in a small box can stress it out and make the quail unhappy. Make sure that the cage has no gaps and is closed securely to prevent the quail from escaping again.

, Bird nets can be purchased from most pet shops and will make the job of catching your quail a lot easier. If you cannot find a bird net anything alike will do as long as it is bigger than the quail.

, There’s more than catching a quail with just one simple bird net. You will probably need a helper and a small box with breathing holes.

, Quail don’t really travel far, especially if they are travelling away from their home, so you will probably find them eventually as long as you have patience and dedication. Good places to look are:

Around the quails housing. Most quail don’t like the ‘free life’ and will eventually try to get back in the cage or at least hang around the cage.
In bushes, shrubs or trees. You should get dirty and search through, under and above the bush. If your quail flies it might land in the bush and possibly get stuck.
Along fences/walls. Most quail will try to hide and get out of the open because they have many bird predators, so if you have no bushes, trees or hiding places for your quail, they might be along your fence/wall.
On the roofs of sheds, houses or garages. Once again, quail fly really high when frightened, so they might be on the roof of something.
In a neighbours garden (with permission). When quail fly, they can travel quite a distance so by now they might be in one of your neighbour’s garden.

, The worst thing you can do is run, shout, get angry and make sudden movements as this will scare the quail and cause it to fly to a more difficult spot.

, Do not lift the net off but keep it firmly down on the ground. Never move the net or slide it on the ground, this might injure your quail as they are small, fragile birds.

, Keep holding the quail firmly whilst lifting the net off the ground, then grab the quail from the inside of the net.

Never lift the net and quickly grab hold of your quail from the inside, they are fast birds that can easily escape if you do this. The best way to grab hold of the quail is from the outside of the net.

, The box doesn’t have to be very big if you are going to put the quail straight into its home.

, It should be secure, safe and there should be no gaps or any sort of escape route for the quail.

, It’s best to do this straight after catching the quail otherwise the quail might get stressed out and be very unhappy.

, You can’t just leave the quail out of your sight, not even for one minute as they are fast birds that can get lost easily. You will probably need:

A helper.
A small box with breathing holes.
A long stick or something alike.

, This is where you will chase your quail into. If your quail is indoors, it makes them easier to catch as they cannot hide in shrubs, fly away and you cannot lose them.

The room doesn’t have to be a shed, it can be anything (E.G. a garage, barn or even your own home) as long as it doesn’t have a step to get indoors as quail will not go indoors if there is a step.

, In order to catch the quail you must first find it. Look in bushes, long patches of grass, along fences and in the trees.

, Spread your arms out and slowly lead the quail to the shed one step at the time.

Try using a long stick to lead the quail. The stick will reach a further distance than your arms and it will make it easier to control your quail.
It won’t help if you are rushing the quail as it will probably fly away instead of going to the shed.

, If you don’t, it makes it easier for your quail to escape as there is a clear exit.

, Cup your hands on the quails body and put the quail inside a box with breathing holes. Hold the quail firmly but don’t ‘’’squeeze’’’ the quail, you may injure it.

If your quail goes under/behind a large objects such as washing machines, old furniture, lawn mowers, etc, try using your stick to get it out.

, You don’t want to keep your quail in a small box as it can stress the quail out. The best thing you can do for the quail now is to return it to its safe and happy home.

Make sure the cage is escape proof before you put your quail back in it. The last thing you want to do is catch your quail and then lose it all over again.

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