How to Catch a Guy’s Attention



Be positive, but do not fake it.,
Look nice.,
Take care of your hair.,
Talk to his friends.,
Make him laugh.,
Don’t be creepy.,
Don’t act fake.,
Be cute.,
Be confident.,
Don’t over think it… just be yourself.,
Know your values and stick to them.

Smile and be happy. Don’t be a downer all the time. Get plenty of sleep and exercise. Otherwise, he’ll think you’re always upset and he doesn’t want someone to bring him down. He wants someone to bring him up. However, if you’re feeling down one day, don’t feel like you have to fake happiness. Otherwise you’ll seem fake.;
, Make sure your clothes fit properly and you’re in your comfort zone when it comes to showing skin. You don’t want him to think you’re high maintenance. Brush your teeth. Spray some perfume on yourself, but not too much, as you don’t want your scent to be over-bearing. Just enough to where you pass him his face turns towards you. That’s one trick to catch his attention. The most important thing in looking nice is that you like the way you look. Usually we are our own worst critics; if you even slightly like your appearance, you probably look great!

, Your hair doesn’t always have to be down. If it’s knotty and gross looking, then throw it up with your bangs down. Straighten your hair when the weather is nice out, or scrunch it when it’s rainy or a bit humid. Experiment with what looks best with your hair; again, remember you are your own worst critic.

, When you’re around his friends, talk to them, especially if he’s around. If he sees you talking to his friends he might come over and join in the conversation. That’s when you talk to him and find out about him. If he doesn’t seem interested in whatever you are talking about, then bring up a new topic.

, Crack a joke or two. Even if you know they’re not funny if he laughs that’s a sign that he’s into you. Try not to be too serious; guys of any age sometimes tease girls they like.

, Don’t find out where he works and go there everyday. He’ll think you’re creepy and that you’re stalking him. Guys don’t like that, and if he thinks you’re creepy, your chances just went down the drain. Don’t find out where every one of his classes are and follow him there. Don’t stand at his locker; if your locker is near his, then that’s a different story. If he asks then you simply say “my locker is right here”.

, This is the most important step in catching his attention. Don’t have your shirt down to your navel if you feel terrible wearing it just to get attention or a really long shirt if you feel awful in them. He’ll mistake you for being insecure and think you are miserable and desperate, which you aren’t! Don’t lie about how many guys you’ve been with, and don’t wear something completely impractical like super shorts in the middle of Winter, he’ll consider you outlandish.

, Smile and flirt, but not too much. Don’t over think how you talk to him; otherwise you might seem fake.

, Give yourself a mental pep-talk before you talk to him. Don’t worry about how you look or anything. Remember that he is just a person, and nothing to freak out about; be yourself, and if it happens, it happens.

, This applies to almost all situations with guys. When it happens, you’ll know what’s right. However…

, Otherwise, you may feel bad about yourself; isn’t the point of a having this guy to make you happy?

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