How to Catch a Guinea Pig



First, try to find out roughly where your pets are hiding.,
Now, find a large box.,
Put a handful of your pet’s favourite food in the box.,
Hide quite far away and watch extremely quietly.

As soon as your guinea pig goes into the box sneak up on it as quietly as you can.,
Quickly pull the box upwards so that the little critters can’t escape.

Check that your guinea pig is fine and hasn’t been injured during their adventure.

Check their enclosure very carefully and block up the hole that they escaped from.

, Long, thin ones are better than my one.

, Add a sliced tomato, it should help attract your pets!

,, Guinea pigs have extremely sensitive hearing and the slightest noise will send them scattering. But, if your guinea trusts you completely, you can start humming so the guinea knows you’re coming, and knows you are friendly.


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