How to Catch a Duck



Wait until it is dark out.,
Sneak up on the duck.,
Put down a carrier.,
Scoop the duck into the carrier with a blanket.,
Release the duck in a new location.

Ducks don’t see well in the dark, so your best bet at catching a duck is at night. Wait until the middle of the night when it’s the darkest and the ducks will be sleeping., While the duck is sleeping, carefully creep up on the duck. Make your movements slow so that you don’t risk waking the duck and alerting them to your plan.

Observe the location where you have spotted the duck for several nights. You maybe able to locate a nesting location where the duck sleeps each night.
Look for matted grass or droppings nearby to find the duck’s resting spot.

, Put an animal carrier down right next to where the duck is sleeping. Have the door open and ready for your to scoop the duck into the carrier.

Open the latch of the carrier before approaching the duck to prevent the noise of the locking mechanism from disturbing the duck.
A plastic animal carrier for a small dog or cat is a good size for a duck.
Avoid carriers with long slits as the duck’s wings may slip through and become trapped.

, When you’ve crept up very close to the duck, cover the duck with a lightweight blanket or towel. Quickly use the blanket to scoop the duck into the carrier before the duck has a chance to figure out what’s happening. Close the carrier’s door and lock it.

, Turn the door of the carrier away from your body and reach over the top of the carrier to open the door. Try to keep your arms and body away from the opening to allow the duck to escape peacefully.

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