How to Catch a Chicken



Consider waiting until Nighttime to catch your chicken.,
Approach the chicken quietly with a flashlight.,
Grab the chicken.

It is often easier to catch chickens at Nighttime.

Chickens roost at night, making them less mobile and easier to catch off guard.
If you have a coop you can catch them after they roost for the night on the roosting rods. If a chicken has escaped, find where it is roosting and catch it there.
You should try to be as quiet and gentle as possible.;
, Avoid making too much noise or sudden movements. Point the light towards the ground.
If you are in the coop and shine the light directly at the birds on the roosting rod, you risk waking or startling them.
Approach the chicken slowly.

, You can do this slowly and gently without disturbing the whole coop.Cup your hands and grab the chicken over the wings.
This will prevent the chicken from flapping its wings and disturbing the other birds.
Hold it close to your body tightly, like you would a pet.

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