How to Catch a Chicken



Bait the chickens.,
Approach the chicken slowly from behind.,
Grasp the chicken.,
Try using a poultry hook if you can’t grab a chicken by hand.

Try putting a little bit of feed out and they will flock to it.

Try doing this in your chicken coop if you have one. It is a more contained area and it will be easier to catch the chicken you want inside of it.
If your chickens won’t come to you for regular feed, you can try pieces of bread as a treat, but these should be used sparingly.
Once chickens have flocked to their food, you can approach them.

, If you move quickly, you will risk disturbing the hen and scaring her into a run. Be as quiet as possible.
Don’t make sudden movements.
Hover over the chicken.
This may cause the chicken to stop, crouch down and open its wings. This is what they do during mating.

, You can do this a number of ways. The easiest and gentlest way to grab a chicken is to bend down and gently scoop up the chicken. Keep your hands or arms over her wings so she can’t flap them to get away.
You can also grab the chicken by the back and tail. Cup your hands and scoop up the chicken gently, scooping up from underneath. If the chicken runs forward grasp the tail feathers and grab the chicken from the front by the shoulders.
Avoid having to grab the tail feathers as much as possible, as chickens dislike this.
You can also try to grab the chicken by its legs underneath. Avoid holding the chicken upside down from its legs if you do this.

, This is less gentle and quiet, but it is effective.Poultry hooks are long handled sticks with a hook made of wire on the end.
Try hooking the chicken by the leg and pulling her toward you.
You can also use a handled net to catch particularly stubborn bird.

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