How to Catch a Bee Without Getting Stung



Dress appropriately.,
Get a large jar with a tapered neck.,
Gather some small flowers to put inside the jar.,
Spread some honey around the jar.,
Watch for the bee and trap it at the right moment.,
Release the bee.

Before you even think about approaching the bee, you need to dress the part of a bee catcher. Of course not everyone’s going to have a bee catcher’s suit to protect themselves from getting stung. Instead, dress as best as you can. Cover up as much of your skin and face as you can. Consider:

Wearing a long-sleeved hoodie. This will protect your neck, head, arms, and torso.
Wear long pants. Jeans are probably the best, because they are the toughest and thickest.
Try to layer when possible, bees can sting through clothing.;
, Now you’ve got to locate a large jar that you’ll later lure the bee into. Make sure it and its neck are large enough so the bee will be able to fly into it. Also make sure you’ve got something to cover or close the jar with once you’ve got the bee in it.

, Get yourself some relatively small flowers to put in the jar to lure the bee. Your flowers will be the main bait to catch the bee. There are many types of flowers that will work, but there are a few that are especially good for attracting bees and other pollinators:

Bee Balm.
Lantana., Don’t use too much honey, and don’t use it in globs big enough to catch the bee. Just spread a little bit around the jar so that the bee will be even more attracted to it. If you are especially worried about hurting the bee, the best way to avoid that will be to put the honey underneath the flowers, so the bee will land on the flowers rather than the honey., You’ve got to stay diligent and watch to see when the bee flies into your trap. Once the bee has flown in, quickly put your top on the jar. Make sure that the top of the jar is securely on. You don’t want to get stung after all of this!

, Take your jar outside. Wait a couple minutes for the bee to settle down. Watch specifically for when the bee is investigating the flowers in the jar and not flying. At that moment, remove the top and retreat to a safe distance. Then wait for the bee to fly away!

Once the bee is gone, close and remove the jar. You don’t want the bee or its friends coming back for more!
Don’t run away. You might trip and hurt yourself. Just slowly walk away until you are a safe distance.
Watch for where the bee went. This might give you a clue as to whether there is a beehive nearby.

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