How to Carry a Hamster



Hold the hamster close to a surface.,
Carry the hamster in a cup.,
Use a hamster carrier.,
Walk slowly.

As you carry your hamster, you should make sure that your hands are always close to a surface, such as the cage, table, or floor. If your hamster does tumble out, this ensures that it will not fall far.If you are carrying the hamster across the room, you might want to keep the hamster close to your body to keep it secure.

, If you are transporting your hamster a short distance inside your house, you might want to put it in a cup instead. You can use a small paper or plastic cup. Gently scoop the hamster into the cup. As you carry it, keep a hand on top to prevent it from climbing out. You should keep your fingers slightly spaced so that it has air to breathe.Hamsters will chew paper products, such as paper cups or cardboard boxes. Be aware that the hamster may start chewing these if it is in there too long. Only use paper products for transporting hamsters short distances., A clear, plastic pet carrier is the best option for transporting your hamster long distances. If you are taking your hamster to the vet or if you are cleaning its cage, you can move the hamster from its cage to the carrier. You should fill this carrier with the same bedding you use in its cage. You may also want to put a few chew toys or treats inside to keep it occupied as you carry it., When carrying your hamster, you should move slowly. You should not jostle your hamster, or you might accidentally injure it. You also run the risk of dropping it. Be extremely careful as you walk with your hamster.

If you are simply taking your hamster out to play, you might consider moving its cage down next to the play area so that there is less room to fall.

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