How to Care for Your Baby Budgie



Let the parents care for newborns.,
Ensure a dry, dark, warm nesting box.,
Keep the nesting box clean.

If you have a baby budgie which you have bred from a pair of budgies at home, it’s important to allow the parents to do most of the caring. Part of creating the best possible environment for the chick to thrive is helping the parents look after him. The parents are the real experts, so you should enable them to do the job. You should, however, always keep a close eye on how the chick is progressing.Try to handle any chick as little as possible in the first couple of weeks especially.
The chick will be incredibly fragile, with a long neck that cannot yet properly support his head. Be very gentle and move slowly when you handle him.;
, The chicks are born blind and without feathers, so they are very vulnerable to environmental factors, such as light, heat, cold, and wet. They should stay in the nesting box for the first few weeks so they can develop in a protected area. Make sure that the nesting box is out of any direct light. There should be a good circulation of air, but the box should be warm and insulated from any drafts, cold or moisture.A wooden box that has plenty of nesting material such as plain rolled oats or safe wood shavings in it makes a good nesting box. The parents will construct the nest, but having a safe, closed space like a wooden box can help them feel secure.
A cardboard box is generally considered a bit too flimsy, and wood is preferable.
There should be enough room for the birds to move around the box, but it should be small enough to still feel closed and secure.
Place the box in the cage, but try not to interfere too much. Allow the parents to organise the nest. Having the nest attached outside the cage is the best option if possible as it allows the most space inside the cage., The chick’s parents will try to keep chicks clean, but you can help by making sure the chick’s feet and beak don’t get clogged up with soiled bedding or anything else.Once the babies start getting feathered, you should begin cleaning out the nest box regularly. Keep an eye out for large build-ups of soiled bedding. Scoop these areas out and replace them with fresh bedding.

You should also scrape clean the wooden insert on the base as needed.
Try to clean out the nest once a week or more frequently if required.
Place the chicks in a large bowl, which you have lined with a soft towel, while you are cleaning the nest box.

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