How to Care for Toygers



Feed her the right foods.,
Avoid overfeeding her.,
Buy her a scratching post.,
Get her the right toys.,
Bond with her.,
Teach her tricks.

To keep your Toyger healthy, you need to feed her the right kinds of foods. Since your cat is a carnivore, or meat eater, her body requires amino acid proteins found in meat to be healthy. She could develop eye problems or develop serious diseases if she isn’t fed enough healthy, good quality food with meat in it.To make sure she gets enough of these proteins, she should have cat food that has real meat in it. It can be hard to know what food is good quality, but look for cat food with meat, not meat byproduct, listed as the first or second ingredient.

, Another way to keep your Toyger healthy is to keep her at a healthy weight. Your cat food will have suggested food amounts based on her size. Since your Toyger is a medium sized cat, look in that range for her specific weight to know how much to feed her.

Avoid feeding her this amount all at once. Your Toyger will get hungry throughout the day, so break it up into two to three small meals so she doesn’t get hungry.Spreading out the food during the day will keep your Toyger feeling full and satisfied.

, Your Toyger’s predatory nature and instincts will lead her to want to scratch things in your house. To avoid her scratching things you don’t want damaged, buy her a scratching post. You can also buy her a cat tower or something similar that will give her a place to scratch as well as explore.

Scratching will also help remove dead areas of her claws to help them grow healthily and give her quality exercise.If your Toyger scratches things she isn’t supposed to, do not yell at her or punish her. Try a different kind of scratching post that may be more suited to her needs.
Pick her up and move her to where her scratching post is when you see her scratching the wrong thing. This will show her where to scratch without messing anything up.

, Your Toyger is very intelligent and energetic, so she needs toys that engage her curiosity. These don’t have to be expensive or elaborate, they just have to keep her attention. Cheap, homemade toys include a wadded up piece of paper or a cardboard paper towel roll. You can also buy her toy mice, toys with dangly feathers, or a laser pointer.

Set aside time each day to play with your Toyger. The more energy you help burn off, the happier your Toyger will be., During the first weeks you have your cat, you should bond with her. Pick her up, pet her, and love on her. Encourage lap time, which can help you bond with her and aid in getting her used to human contact. She may have a temperament that is more solitary and will cause her to avoid lap time.

If this is the case, talk to her when you play with her and when you feed her. Encourage her to approach you and give her the kind of attention she seeks.
This may take some time to figure out. It may also be difficult because cat’s do not like change. As you are learning your Toyger’s likes and dislikes, keep talking to her and bonding with her in whatever way she will let you., Since your Toyger is intelligent and energetic, she is the perfect candidate to teach tricks to.Start with getting her attention with treats, then try to get to her to do a certain trick, such as sit or roll over. Keep using treats to reward her as you teach her tricks.

With some patience, you can teach your Toyger to do many different tricks, which will help keep her healthy and give her exercise everyday.

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