How to Care for Sphynx Cats



Bathe your cat regularly.,
Wash your cat’s ears.,
Clean your cat’s eyes.

Sphynx cats need regular bathing to keep their skin in good condition. Because of the lack of hair, the Sphynx’s body secretes oil. This causes the breed to need frequent bathing.You should bathe your cat once a week.

Sphynx cats are a great breed for people who are allergic to cats and cat hair. By bathing, your cat often, it also washes away dander and helps to keep the allergic component down.Sphynx cats have different degrees of hairlessness. Some Sphynx cats are completely hairless with skin that feels like a warm chamois leather. Some Sphynx cats have downy hair over their body, which feels like warm peach fuzz.
The skin itself is often “oversized” for the body and sits in wrinkles. These wrinkles can be pronounced over the forehead and give the cat a quizzical or worried expression., Because of the large size of the Sphynx’s ears, they need to be cleaned regularly. Gently clean the ears with cleaning solution on a cotton ball or cotton swab once a week. If you neglect your Sphynx’s ears, he can get a build up of ear wax, oil, and dirt., Sphynx cats don’t have eyelashes. This means that the eyes can get dirt and other build up around them, which can cause irritation. To clean your cat’s eyes, gently wipe them with a damp tissue.Don’t use anything containing alcohol or other irritants, like baby wipes, around your cat’s eyes. It will cause more irritation.

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