How to Care for Quail Chicks



Set up a brooder for the quail chicks.,
Provide a heat-lamp for the chicks and keep the temperature at 100 °F (37.8 °C).,
Add bedding to the brooder.,
Purchase a feeder and a water bowl.

A brooder is a small space to raise your quail chicks and can generally be anything (e.g. a cardboard box) as long as it is safe, warm and sanitary.

The brooder should be kept in a safe and warm place that is away from predators. In your home is the best place to keep your chicks but you can also keep them in a shed or a garage as a last resort.;
, Lower the temperature by 5 degrees every week until it is at room temperature.

Cold chicks will pile on top of each over and fluff up whilst hot chicks will pant. You will also see the chicks trying to get away from the heat source if they are hot and trying to keep under the middle of the heat source if they are too cold.

, Wood shavings are good bedding for your chicks but you can also use paper towels or newspaper, however, they are not as absorbent as wood shavings and newspaper is ‘slippery’.

, Choose a small feeder/water bowl and make sure that the chicks have easy access to them.

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