How to Care for Quail Chicks



Give your chicks more space as they grow.,
Provide a tub of sand for your chicks.,
Give your chicks some treats.,
Let your chicks outside after a couple of weeks.,
As they age into adulthood, continue taking taking good care of them.

Once your chicks are older they will need more space. Consider moving your chicks to a bigger brooder/cage.

, They will soon begin dust bathing which quail love very much. Dust bathing also prevents mites, lice and other nasty parasites.

, Quail love vegetables, fruit and table scraps. Give them various items and see what they like and dislike. Good treats to give your chicks are:

Vegetables such as cucumber, salad leaves, broccoli, etc.
Fruit such as strawberries, tomato, melon, apple, pear, etc.
Scraps such as pasta, boiled egg, rice, cereal, bread, etc.
Live creatures such as mealworms, woodlice, millipedes, small spiders, etc.

, Put the chicks and the hen in an outdoor cage and then watch them dig for bugs, dust bathe in dirt/sand and explore the new environment. Be cautious and make sure they cannot get out. To be sure, watch them for a minute or two to see how they adapt to their surroundings.

If you’re not watching them, put a tarpaulin on top of the cage so no birds will attack/scare them. Make sure to weight down the blanket with something heavy (bricks) so the wind won’t blow it away.

, How to Care for Quail covers quail care beyond the chick stage.

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