How to Care for Quail Chicks



Keep your chicks in a brooder.,
Feed your chicks a special chick starter diet.,
Provide plenty of fresh water for your chicks.,
Clean the brooder daily.

Once the chicks are dry it’s important to raise them in a brooder for the first four to six weeks of their lives to ensure that they are safe, warm and are being kept healthy.

, Chick starter provides more protein than a quail’s average feed and should be given to your chicks for six to eight weeks to keep them healthy.

, Fill the water bowl daily and make sure that it isn’t too deep for your chicks as they can fall in and drown. A common trick is to put pebbles/stones is the water bowl to make it shallower.

Remember to clean the water bowl once a week to prevent diseases and the water from getting dirty.

, Depending on the amount of chicks you have and how old they are, it’s important to clean the brooder often as the waste can cause serious disease to your chicks.

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