How to Care for Persian Cats



Start brushing your cat’s fur at an young age.,
Get a great comb that works well on Persian fur.,
Learn the proper way to brush your Persian’s fur.,
Brush your cat’s fur every day so that she stays healthy.,
See a professional groomer.

To make sure that your Persian accepts being brushed a lot, you will have to start brushing her at an early age. From day one, make a point of brushing your kitten so that she gets used to this experience. If you don’t start brushing her at an early age, she may develop a dislike for being brushed that can ultimately make it much harder to maintain her coat.

One way to help your cat accept being brushed is to brush her right before a mealtime. That way, your cat will associate getting brushed with getting food (which is something that she enjoys).;
, You will need a metal comb that has narrow teeth on one end and wide-spaced teeth on the other end to properly detangle your cat’s long fur. A metal slicker-type brush can also be good for removing excess fur that has a tendency to become tangled.

, One common mistake owners is brushing over the outer surface of the coat without getting down to the hair roots. Think of brushing your cat in terms of combing your own hair: you need to part the fur and comb knots out from the roots, working tangles free on your way to the hair tip. This mentality can also be applied to your cat. As with your own hair, it is most effective (and comfortable for the cat!) if you brush in the direction that the fur grows. The proper combing process involves:

Parting your hair and using the wide-spaced teeth on the comb to brush out any loose knots. This step also helps to get the fur lying in one direction, making it easier to detangle.
Using the slicker brush, work in sections and progress from head to tail. This will help to brush out loose hairs.
Once you have cleared the coat of shed fur, go over it again with the wide-toothed comb, working from the root to the tip of the hair, and then finish by combing your cat’s whole body with the narrow-toothed part of the comb.

, While it might not seem like brushing fur is that big of a deal, a Persian’s luxuriously long fur can become a problem really quickly. When your cat’s fur gets tangled, it becomes matted.

These tangled up clumps of fur can tug at your cat’s skin—which can feel very unpleasant—and may tangle to such an extent that it creates a hard shell of fur on certain areas of her body.
Having tangled fur can also increase your cat’s chances of developing skin infections. When the fur is matted, it is much harder for your cat to clean the skin under the fur. When cat’s skin goes uncleaned, they often develop infections.

, You cat’s fur might become matted for a variety of reasons. It might be from a lack of brushing. If cats get overweight or older and less healthy, they can also become less efficient in self-grooming and less able to take care of themselves. This can lead to tangled and matted fur.Consider seeking out a professional groomer if you aren’t able to deal with your cat’s matted fur. A groomer can try to remove the matted areas; in a worst case, he or she may have to shave down the cat’s coat to avoid possible skin problems.

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