How to Care for Persian Cats



Be aware that Persian’s can have eye problems because of how their faces are structured.,
Wipe away your cat’s excess tears.,
Understand why Persian cat eye fluid turns brown.

Part of the appeal of Persians is their round, flat faces and large eyes. Sadly, the features that make them so attractive can also cause problems. All cats produce tear fluid that serves to keep the surface of the eye moist and their corneas healthy. This fluid should drain away via paired tear ducts in each eye. Sadly, your Persian’s truncated nose means these ducts are kinked and can no longer drain effectively.Think of it like a hosepipe that you bend or step on to stop the water from flowing. This is what happens because of your cat’s shortened nose.

, The best way to help you cat is to simply wipe away the excess tears that have a tendency to stain Persian fur and irritate their faces. If you notice that your cat has excess eye fluid on her face, use a cloth or paper towel to wipe up the excess fluid.

Wipe around your cat’s eyes at least once a day. You should really try to wipe it anytime you notice that it looks wet under her eyes. Do not wipe the eye itself, however, as this could lead to corneal scratches or ulcers.

, You may be wondering why the fluid that leaks out of your cat’s eyes turn brown. The reason is that chemicals called porphyrins are found in the tear fluid and when the chemicals are exposed to the air, these porphyrins oxidize and turn a brown-rust color.

This is the same process that causes a cut apple to turn brown.
You should be able to keep these tears from creating stains on the cat’s fur. Basic eye care, mentioned above, is one way. You can also wipe around the eye with a small amount of liquid boric acid, which is safe as an eye wash, on a cotton square. Wipe the area below and around the eye with cotton balls soaked in water warm twice a day after removing the staining.

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