How to Care for Ocicats



Pet your Ocicat.,
Give your Ocicat a puzzle toy.,
Play fetch with your Ocicat.,
Take your Ocicat for a walk.

Ocicats are more independent than some breeds, but they still love attention and affection from their humans. Make sure that you take time to pet your Ocicat every day and give him the attention he needs.

If you are often away from home during the day or night, then you may want to get a companion for your Ocicat. They need to be around people or other animals to be happy., Ocicats have high intelligence, so they respond well to challenging toys. Try giving your Ocicat a puzzle toy that will challenge his problem solving skills and that will provide him with a treat when he solves the puzzle., Unlike some cat breeds that do not understand how to fetch, many Ocicats like to play fetch. Try tossing a mouse toy or small ball to see if your Ocicat will bring it back to you.Your Ocicat will enjoy other interactive toys as well. Try wand toys to encourage your Ocicat to jump high in the air or laser pointers to allow your Ocicat to sprint back and forth while you move the laser around.

, Ocicats are often described as dog-like in some of their behaviors and some Ocicats are even fond of taking walks. Get a cat harness and leash for your Ocicat and try taking him for a walk around your neighborhood.

Make sure that your Ocicat’s harness fits well and that his leash is securely attached. Your Ocicat may try to climb a tree or run off if he gets out of his harness or off of his leash.

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