How to Care for Ocicats



Brush your Ocicat’s fur once per week.,
Trim your Ocicat’s claws.,
Clean your Ocicat’s teeth.,
Bathe your Ocicat if necessary.

Ocicats have short fur that does not require much attention. To maintain your Ocicat’s fur, brush him with a rubber hand brush or a natural bristle brush about once per week. Some people have even suggested using a chamois to groom your Ocicat.To brush your Ocicat, start by brushing his back, then move to his sides, tummy, and chest. You can give his tail a little attention too, but be gentle.
Keep in mind that if your Ocicat is shedding, then you may need to brush him more often.

, Your Ocicat needs his claws for mobility, but sometimes cat claws can become extra sharp and this may be a hazard for you. Try to trim your Ocicat’s claws once every few weeks to prevent painful encounters with your cat’s claws.Trim the white tips only. Do not trim the pink area of your Ocicat’s claws or you may hurt him.
Use a special guillotine style nail trimmer., Daily dental care is a great way to keep your Ocicat’s teeth in good condition. To brush your Ocicat’s teeth, you will need to get a special cat toothbrush and cat toothpaste because human toothpaste can make him sick.You may have to introduce your Ocicat to the toothbrush slowly. For example, you may start by allowing him to lick a bit of wet cat food off of the toothbrush for a few days.
When you brush your cat’s teeth, use gentle strokes on his teeth and gums. Brushing too hard may injure him.

, Since Ocicats have short fur and they can keep themselves clean, you may never need to bathe your Ocicat. However, if your Ocicat becomes dirty or starts to smell bad, then you will need to give him a bath.Poor self-grooming is often a sign of illness in cats. Take your Ocicat to see a veterinarian if you notice that she stops grooming herself.

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