How to Care for Nubian Goats



Prepare some pasture space.,
Build a shelter.,
Put up a strong fence.,
Provide entertaining objects.,
Bring your goats home.,
Keep does and bucks separate.

Before you consider the purchase of one or more Nubian goats, it is important to ensure that you have adequate space for them. These animals require about 200 square feet of pasture space per goat.Ideally, this space should contain grass, bushes, and other plants the goats can eat.
Keep in mind that goats are vocal animals. While Nubian goats are not the loudest of all breeds, they can be vocal, especially during certain times of the year.You may want to consider this in deciding how close to your home you will raise your goats.;
, Nubian goats are a hearty breed that is less sensitive to heat and cold than some other goats. Even so, they’ll need a warm, dry, and well ventilated area to protect themselves from the elements.Your shelter should provide at least 25 square feet of space per goat. There should be plenty of clean, dry straw for bedding.Dirt floors are preferable to wood. When wood floors get wet, they can be a slipping hazard for goats.

, Like most goats, Nubians are natural escape artists. This means you’ll need a strong fence to keep them in.Build your goat paddock with fences at least four feet tall.Woven wire and “no climb” horse fencing work well. Fence material with square holes is not ideal, as goats can sometimes get their heads caught in the fence.You’ll need to walk the fence line regularly to check for damage and holes the goats might start digging to get under the fence.
Do not tether your goats. This can cause stress and in some cases fatalities as goats can strangle themselves attempting to escape the tether.

, Nubian goats are curious and playful. Make sure their space contains objects that they can entertain themselves with.Good choices include stacks of straw bales they can knock over, old tires, and piles of rocks.

, Once you’ve prepared an adequate home for your goats, find a breeder or other seller online. Purchase your goat or goats, and bring them home.

Make sure you have a trailer or large truck bed with a covered roof to transport your goat safely and securely.
There are many breeders of these goats all around the country.Shop around for a good deal on a healthy goat.

, If you have both bucks and does, you’ll need to house them separately, due to the bucks’ aggressive nature. This is doubly true if you don’t want lots of baby goats. Your bucks may also require stronger fencing material to keep them in.Keep in mind also that bucks emit a powerful odor during breeding season that is attractive to Nubian does but unpleasant to most people. If you are keeping bucks, consider keeping them further from your home.

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