How to Care for Nubian Goats



Avoid certain foods.,
Introduce bucks in the fall.,
“Dry off” pregnant females.,
Create a birthing stall.,
Separate babies.,
Milk the goats.

If you are planning to milk your goats, you should avoid feeding them certain foods that can ruin the taste of their milk. Among these are:Alfalfa
Wild garlic, onions, carrots, and lettuce

, Goats only produce milk after giving birth. The female Nubian goat comes into her mating season in late summer and fall. During this period, introduce bucks to the females.A female will be receptive to male goats when in heat. You will be able to tell a female is in heat because her vulva area will swell slightly, and may leak fluids. She may also become extra affectionate.A female will need to be “freshened” annually by becoming pregnant to continue producing milk.
A female Nubian goat may go into heat more than once year, depending on the climate in your area.
Bucks can be a real handful to transport and care for. If you don’t want to keep any yourself, you can often pay to have your female bred to studs owned by someone else.

, If your female goat is already lactating, you will need to stop her milk production after she becomes pregnant so she can dedicate her nutritional resources to the pregnancy. This process is called “drying off.”Drying off is achieved by gradually extending the time between milkings. Start this process about 60 days into the pregnancy. If you are milking every 12 hours, which is typical, extend the time to 13. The next day, extend to 14, then 15 and so on until the female stops lactating., When the female is very close to birthing, typically in January, put her in a birthing stall. This is a comfortable, private stall she can give birth in without being bothered.Fill the stall with fresh straw and provide a heat lamp so the goat can be warm and comfortable.

, The female goat will typically give birth to two to five babies. They should be separated from the mother and fed a diet of pasteurized goat milk to prevent a disease called caprine arthritis encephalitis, or CAE.When the babies are able to fend for themselves, you can introduce them to your herd, or sell them to someone wanting to start their own goat herd.

, Milking goats is a simple process of rhythmically squeezing the teats from top to bottom to force out the milk.This should be done about every 12 hours.

Most goats should be milked for about a minute and a half each time. It may take up to five minutes if you are having trouble getting the milk out.
Make sure to milk your goats in a clean, dust-free environment, such a special milking room.
You can also milk your goats using a vacuum milking pump.

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