How to Care for Nubian Goats



Keep their area clean.,
Trim their hoofs.,
Vaccinate your goats.,
Handle your goats with care.,
Watch out for common health problems.

Like any animal, Nubian goats require some cleaning up after. There are two common approaches to this:Daily cleaning. Clean the manure out of your goat enclosure every day.
A deep-litter system. Cover the manure with fresh straw on a regular basis, and do one deep-cleaning every summer. This approach is smellier but provides additional heat in the winter as the manure decays and can also reduce flooding inside your barn.

, Nubian goats need their hoofs trimmed about four times a year. Don’t attempt this yourself until someone has shown you how to do it, or you may injured your goats.A veterinarian can show you how to carry out this relatively simple procedure using a hoof trimmer, commercially available from most farm stores., Nubian goats should be vaccinated against several different common diseases. Among these are rabies, tetanus, and clostridium (CTD).Talk to your vet about the correct schedule for these vaccinations.
The rabies vaccine is particularly hard on goats. Give this vaccine at least a month apart from the others.

, When you have to handle your goats (e.g. for vaccination or inspection), do so calmly and gently so as not to spook them.If need be, you can restrain your goat with a rope harness during handling. Bucks can also be restrained by holding their horns, though this requires a second person.

, Although Nubian goats are a hearty breed, any goat is susceptible to a variety of illnesses including upper respiratory problems, parasitic infections, bloat, sore mouth, and hoof rot. Keep an eye out for any of the following symptoms:Loss of appetite and/or sudden weight loss
Labored breathing
Discharge from the eyes or nose
Abnormal body temperature
Visible abscesses
Contact your vet immediately if you note any of these symptoms.

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