How to Care for Norwegian Forest Cats



Give your Norwegian forest cat a soft bed.,
Put up scratching posts for your Norwegian forest cat.,
Provide enough litter boxes for your Norwegian forest cat.,
Take your Norwegian forest cat to visit a veterinarian.,
Spay or neuter your Norwegian forest cat.

Your Norwegian forest cat will sleep about as much as the average cat, so he will need a comfortable bed. Find a comfortable bed for your Norwegian forest cat and place it somewhere that he likes to nap.

For example, if you have noticed that your cat takes a lot of naps near a specific window, then try placing his bed near that window.

, Norwegian forest cats need to scratch, so it is important to provide your cat with an appropriate outlet for scratching. Corrugated cardboard scratching boards and rope wrapped boards work well. Try placing a few of these scratching posts throughout your home.If you notice your Norwegian forest cat scratching something that is off limits (couch, carpet, etc.), do not yell, hit him, or throw something at him. Just pick up your cat gently and place him right next to one of his scratching posts. You might even try placing his paw on the board to show him that he can scratch it. With time, he will understand that these are for scratching and other things are not for scratching.
To make scratching posts even more attractive, sprinkle a bit of catnip on and around them.

, Your Norwegian forest cats will use litter boxes if they are clean and available. Scoop litter boxes daily and change the litter once per week. Some other good ways to encourage good litter box habits include:Ensuring there are enough litter boxes. You need at least one more litter box than your total number of cats. For example, if you have two cats, then you need to have a minimum of three litter boxes.
Using fine-grained litter. Cats seem to prefer fine-grained litter in their boxes. Choose a clumping litter variety to make it easier for you to clean the box.
Filling the box to the right level. Cats do not like litter that is too deep, so try to fill the box so that there is only about two inches of litter.

, Norwegian forest cats need regular veterinary exams just like all other cats do. Take your Norwegian forest cat to see a veterinarian as soon as possible after you get him and then take him for regular veterinary visits once every year. During your cat’s veterinary visits, your cat will get a physical exam, get tested for diseases (such as feline leukemia), and receive vaccinations (like a rabies vaccination).

Maintain annual visits and take your Norwegian forest cat to see a veterinarian you ever suspect that he is sick., If you do not plan to breed your Norwegian forest cat, then you should have your cat spayed or neutered. Spaying and neutering helps to control the pet population and protects your pet from some health conditions and behavioral problems. Talk to your Norwegian forest cat’s veterinarian about spaying or neutering as soon as possible to prevent bad behavior from setting in.

Cats that are not spayed or neutered are more prone to behaviors such as spraying, aggression, and roaming. If you wait too long to spay or neuter your cat, then these habits may cause long-term behavioral issues.Spaying and neutering can also protect your Norwegian forest cat from certain health issues, such as enlarged prostate, uterine infections, and certain forms of cancer.

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