How to Care for Mynah Birds



Find a large cage.,
Provide perches.,
Place a nest box in the cage.,
Maintain a comfortable environment.

Your mynah bird’s cage should provide easy access for cleaning as well as plenty of room for your bird. The typical dimensions of a mynah bird cage are 3-4 feet wide (90-100cm) by 2 feet tall (60cm) by 2 feet deep (60cm). Because they are such a rarity, it can be hard to find an affordable cage that is specifically made for mynah birds. Most large cages are built for parrots that require less room..

If you are in a pinch, you can put together two parrot cages.;
, Because they enjoy hopping around, place a variety of wooden or plastic perches in your mynah bird’s cage. The diameters of the perches should be about one inch (2.5cm). These will help prevent foot injuries and the development of arthritis.Avoid rope perches because the bird’s toenails can get caught in them.

, Because mynah birds take multiple short naps during the day, you will want to install a dark place for them to sleep. The best option is a next box. Simply buy a nest box at a pet store and place it inside the bird’s cage. You can also build your own nest box out of a soft wood or cardboard. However, a cardboard nest box will need to be replaced regularly.Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when installing the nest box.

, Find a comfortable place in your home that is near sunlight but not directly in it. Mynah birds also enjoy room temperature (76 degrees Fahrenheit or 24 degrees Celsius) but can acclimate to slightly colder temperatures. If your bird does not have any exposure to sunlight, you may need to install a light fixture.

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