How to Care for Mynah Birds



Buy a baby mynah bird.,
Place the cage in a busy place.,
Teach your mynah specific words.,
Condition your bird to different things.

The easiest way to socialize a mynah bird is to buy it as a chick. Ideally, this means purchasing a 6-8 week old bird. Mynah birds begin speaking at three to four months and tend to quit learning new words once they reach two years of age. Unless you are okay with the words that they have already learned, you may want to consider a baby mynah bird.Begin speaking to the young bird as soon as you bring it home. Initially, give it simple words like “hello” or “hi.”

, Because mynah birds are extremely social and tend to enjoy human interaction, they can be easily socialized. The best way to do this is to put them in a place where they can talk to multiple people and develop their language skills. They may also form a strong bond with the person who cleans their cage and feeds them.Mynahs also have good memories and remember mistreatment. They will hold grudges and dislike people who resemble the person who mistreated them.

, In order to train it, simply pick a short word or phrase and say it every time you see your bird. Unfortunately, you only have about a year and a half to teach them those words. Although mynah’s can learn new words until about the age of two, your mynah is the most impressionable between the ages of three and nine months.Mynah birds are capable of learning over 100 words.
If you live with other people, encourage them to also say the words you want around the mynah bird.

, Because they are the most impressionable when they are young, you should socialize your bird to new people and things when it is a baby. In the first few months to a year, expose your young bird to new people and things (cats and dogs, household appliances), as well as travel with it. This will make it a calmer, better adjusted, and more social pet.This will also make it less likely to be frightened and, therefore, healthier.

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