How to Care for Manx Cats



Select a high-quality cat food.,
Feed your Manx on a regular schedule.,
Give your Manx plenty of fresh, clean water.,
Give your Manx some treats.

Your Manx cat will require a high-quality cat food to meet all of his nutritional needs. Make sure that you choose a brand name cat food that is meant for cats. Also, if your Manx cat has special dietary needs, then you may need to feed him a special food. For example, if your Manx is overweight or obese, then you may need to give him food that is meant for cats.

Make sure that the food contains taurine. Taurine is an essential amino acid and all cats need it to be healthy. If your Manx does not get enough taurine, then he may develop heart and/or vision problems.;
, Cat food packages provide guidelines for how much you should feed your cat based on his weight. You can use this amount to help you create a regular feeding schedule. Take the amount of food that your Manx is supposed to eat every day and divide it into two portions. Give these portions to your cat in meals spaced about eight to 12 hours apart.For example, you could give your cat breakfast at 8:00am and then give her dinner at around 8:00pm.
Since cats like to eat small meals, giving your Manx two small meals each day should make it more likely that she will eat all of the food she is supposed to each day., Manx cats need access to fresh, clean water at all times. Wash your cat’s water dish every day and make sure that it is always full of fresh, clean water.Keep your cat’s food and water bowls away from all litter boxes. Cats don’t like to eat and drink near where they go to the bathroom.

, Cats enjoy having an occasional treat, so keep a bag of treats on hand. Make sure that you do not give your cat too many treats or he may become overweight.Limit the number of treats that you give your Manx to about 5% of his total daily calories.

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