How to Care for Manx Cats



Pet your Manx.,
Give your Manx lots of fun toys.,
Provide scratching posts for your Manx.,
Provide enough litter boxes for your Manx.

Manx cats are great with kids and they make great family pets.Make sure that you reward your Manx for his loyalty with regular petting sessions.

Try to set aside some time to just sit and pet your Manx every day.

, Manx cats like to jump, run, and may even play fetch with you. Some good possible toy choices for your Manx include:

catnip mice
laser pointers
wand toys
puzzle toys, Scratching is a natural behavior for cats, so you will need to make sure that you provide your Manx with plenty of scratching posts. Having scratching posts available will help to prevent your Manx from scratching things he shouldn’t scratch.Try placing a few corrugated cardboard scratchers and rope wrapped wooden posts. Some cats even like scratching logs with bark.
If your Manx scratches something he shouldn’t, do not hit him or yell at him. Just pick your Manx up and place him next to one of his scratching posts.
Rub a bit of catnip on all of your Manx’s scratching posts to attract him.

, Your Manx will also need to have a couple of clean litter boxes to use. Make sure that the boxes are filled with about two inches of clay, clumping litter. Scoop the clumps out of the litter boxes and change out the litter once or twice per week.Always keep one more litter box than the total number of cats you have. For example, if you have one cats, then you should have two litter boxes.

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