How to Care for Maine Coons



Spend lots of time with your Maine Coon.,
Give your Maine Coon some mouse-like toys.,
Put up some scratching posts.,
Keep a couple of litter boxes for your Maine Coon.

Maine Coons love to be around people, so you will need to make sure that you can accommodate your Maine Coon’s social needs. Your Maine Coon may even try to follow you around the house and participate in your daily routine.Try to set aside some time to just sit and pet your Maine Coon every day.
Most Maine Coons are not fond of sitting on laps. Your Maine Coon may prefer to sit next to you while you pet her., Maine Coons are well-known for their excellent mouse catching skills, so try to provide your Maine Coon with toys that will stimulate these skills.Try sticking to toys that stay low to the ground. Some good possible toy choices for your Maine Coon include:

fur mice
crinkly ball toys
jingle ball toys
electronic mouse toys
a laser pointer aimed at the ground

, Cats need their claws and they also need to scratch. The problem is that sometimes cats will try to scratch things that they should not scratch. To prevent your Maine Coon from scratching things he shouldn’t, provide some scratching posts for your Maine Coon.Corrugated cardboard and rope-wrapped wooden posts make great scratching posts. Try placing a few of these around your house.
If you catch your Maine Coon scratching something he shouldn’t, do not yell at him or hit him. Just gently pick him up and take him over to one of his scratching posts.
Try rubbing a catnip on your Maine Coon’s scratching posts. This may attract him to the posts and make him more likely to use them.

, Your Maine Coon should always have access to clean litter boxes. Fill up the boxes with two inches of fine-grained, clay, clumping cat litter. Scoop out the litter boxes daily and change the litter at least once per week.Always make sure that you have one more litter box than your total number of cats. For example, if you have three cats, then you need to have four litter boxes.
Cats can learn how to use a litter box if you show them where the box is located. After you get your Maine Coon, take her to the litter box so she will know where to find it.

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