How to Care for Long Haired Cats



Brush your cat daily.,
Choose the right brush.,
Shampoo your cat once a month.,
Untangle knots as soon as you see them.,
Trim your cat’s nails.,
Take your cat to the groomer.

Longhair cats have more fur, and it’s longer, too, and therefore needs to brushed more often than regular cats.

, Pin or wire brushes are a great choice for longhair cats, since they are stronger and can untangle knots easier.

, If your cat likes baths, give him a bath. If he hates baths, sprinkle him with some dry shampoo.

, Because longhair cats’ fur is more susceptible to tangling, knots will quickly become worse.

, Nails that are too long will be more likely to get caught in things, as well as make it hard to walk if they get really long.

, Seem like too much work? Take your cat to a groomer! The groomer will know what she’s doing, and you won’t have to deal with a bath-hating cat or your cat running away when he sees the brush!

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