How to Care for Himalayan Cats



Brush your Himalayan’s fur daily.,
Trim your Himalayan’s claws.,
Clean your Himalayan’s teeth.,
Wipe the area around your Himalayan’s eyes.,
Give your Himalayan regular baths.,
Take your Himalayan to a cat groomer if needed.

Use a stainless steel comb or a wire brush to groom your Himalayan’s fur every day. If you do not brush your Himalayan every day, it is likely that she will become matted. Matting can be painful for your cat and frustrating for you to deal with as well.Brush your cat daily from a young age so that she will be used to it. Offer your cat lots of praise and give her a treat after the grooming session so that she will like grooming even more.
Start by brushing your cat’s back with a wire slicker brush and then move to the sides of her body. Make sure that you brush your cat’s tummy, chest, and tail with the slicker brush as well.
If you encounter any tangles, switch to the stainless steel greyhound comb and use it to break up the tangles. Work from the bottom of the tangle and then move the comb a bit closer to your cat’s skin as you loosen it.

, Most cats will wear down their own claws by scratching and moving around. If your Himalayan is not active or does not use scratching posts often, then you may need to trim her claws once every few weeks.When trimming your cat’s claws, make sure that you only trim the white tips, not the pink parts further down the claw. Use a special guillotine style pet nail trimmer to trim your cat’s nails.You can also take your cat to a groomer to have her nails trimmed.

, Caring for your Himalayan’s teeth will help to prevent serious dental issues down the road. If possible, brush your Himalayan’s teeth once per day.If your Himalayan is a kitten, then start brushing her teeth now to get her used to it.

Make sure that you use a special cat toothbrush and cat toothpaste. Human toothpaste contains fluoride, which is toxic to cats.

, Some Himalayan cats have problems with staining beneath their eyes, so you should wipe your Himalayan’s eyes daily to prevent this from happening.Use a soft moist cloth to wipe the area around your Himalayan eyes once per day. Make sure that you dry the area as well.

, Himalayans have lots of fur, so regular baths are essential to keeping them clean. Bathe your Himalayan from a young age so that she will be more likely to accept it. If you plan to show your Himalayan, then you may need to bathe her every other day to keep her fur in excellent condition., If your Himalayan’s fur ever becomes matted, then you will need to take her to a cat groomer for a trim. Make sure that you choose a groomer who knows how to groom long-haired cats.

Keeping your Himalayan’s fur trimmed short can also be a good way to keep her clean and mat-free if you do not have time for daily brushing. Just keep in mind that each visit to the groomer will cost around $35 to $50.

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