How to Care for Egyptian Maus



Socialize your cat.,
Provide your cat with a lot of attention.,
Provide your cat with the proper toys.,
Provide your cat with chase toys.,
Play with your cat often.

Egyptian Maus can be very shy and reserved. Because of this, your cat may not like anyone outside of her family. She may also be startled by sudden noises or movements. To help with this, make sure to socialize your cat so she gets used to being around people., Egyptian Maus want to be with people. If you are looking for a sofa cat that will leave you in peace, then think twice before getting a Mau. Your Egyptian Mau is liable to follow you around like a shadow. A Mau is going to want to play with you and ride around on your shoulder, so be sure that level of interaction is something you can provide., Egyptian Maus are extremely intelligent cats. Because of this, give you Egyptian Maus puzzle toys that challenge her, provide her with mental stimulation, and offer rewards like treats when she figures them out.Because of how intelligent your Egyptian Mau is, you can also teach her how to perform tricks.

, Egyptian Maus love to hunt and pounce, so let her play with things to chase. This can include a variety of toys, such as such as wings-on-strings., Egyptian Maus are inquisitive and interactive, and so regular play sessions are essential for your cat to feel happy and fulfilled.Play with your Mau at least twice a day, for 10 to 20 minutes.

Be patient during play because cats are sprinters and will play in a burst, stop to recover, then play again. Don’t think because she stopped to pant the game is over. She’s just catching her breath before she is ready to go round again.

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