How to Care for Dwarf Hamsters



Provide toys and sources of entertainment.,
Hold him correctly.,
Help your hamster stay clean.

Your hamster will have a lot of energy and it’ll like to exercise, especially at night. Provide your hamster with toys it can use with or without your help.Exercise wheels are the classic hamster toy. Make sure the wheel is stabilized at the bottom of the cage so it doesn’t tip over when the hamster climbs on. Also make sure isn’t a wire wheel or your hamster can hurt his feet. The wheel shouldn’t be smaller than 8 inches. Otherwise your hamster will get back problems.These can also be loud, so if you are a light sleeper, put your hamster’s cage in a different room.Exercise balls are another popular choice. The hamster is placed inside a plastic ball, which rolls as the hamster runs around. Do NOT buy such a ball. The hamster is very susceptible to stress. They often panic in these balls and can hurt themself if they run into objects.

, In the first few days of getting a new dwarf hamster, do not attempt to pick it up. Just put your hand in its cage and let it sniff you to get used to your scent. Don’t grab or otherwise roughly handle your hamster, since it has a very fragile body. Always pick a hamster up from the bottom or else it will feel threatened. Start off by sitting on the floor and holding it near the floor. If it senses an easy escape route, it’ll be less likely to bite or squirm.Hold your hamster every day. If your dwarf hamster doesn’t socialize frequently, it may stop being as friendly when you want to play. Gently lift your hamster from his cage and let him scurry around your lap at least once a day., Dwarf hamsters are very clean animals and rarely need intervention from their owners to maintain good hygiene. However, once a week you can pour some small animal sand into a bowl and allow your hamster to take a sand bath, which imitates the type of substance hamsters use to keep clean in the wild.If your hamster is very dirty, get a small brush that humans use to dye their hair roots or a toothbrush. Wet it and gently stroke your hamster with it. Dab dry with a rag.
Never bathe a hamster by submerging it in water. This will cause the hamster to become very ill.

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