How to Care for Dwarf Hamsters



Buy your hamster a water bottle.,
Buy hamster food.,
Buy chew sticks.,
Give your hamster treats.

Many hamster cages come with food and water dishes, but if yours doesn’t, you’ll have to buy your own. Hamsters drink water through bottles with a metal dispenser. Fill the water bottle with fresh water as it runs out.Don’t let the water sit in the bottle for too long. If your hamster is slow to drink, refill the bottle a few times a week, and clean the bottle every now and then.
Make sure the bottle doesn’t leak. Your hamster can get sick if it gets wet, which is why it takes their water through a bottle instead of an open container.

, Serve your dwarf hamster food in a shallow plastic dish. This enables hamsters to access the food easily while keeping the cage clean. Hamsters like to nibble food all the time, so the food dish should be kept stocked with fresh food. Throw it out if it gets wet. Pet food stores sell a range of food for hamsters and most of it falls into the following categories:

Fortified pellets or blocks, which should be the hamster’s staple diet.
Seed mixtures meant for hamsters, which may be added as a supplement. Hamsters also need to eat protein like meal worms (dried or alive), crickets etc., Dwarf hamster teeth grow long and sharp. Your hamster needs something tough to chew on to keep its teeth at a comfortable length. Buy chew sticks or another tough chew toy meant for dulling hamster’s teeth., In addition to pellets and seeds, hamsters enjoy treats every once in a while. Vegetables, fruits, and other fresh foods may be added to the hamster’s diet in small doses. Be sure not to give your hamster too much, since you don’t want him to have an upset stomach.

Hamsters can have small bits of lettuce, carrots, apples, broccoli, and tomatoes. Your dwarf hamster will also eat oats, cooked meat, and plain yogurt.Avoid giving your hamster citrus fruits or sugar, which can make a hamster ill. Peanut butter is another food to avoid feeding your hamster, as it can choke on it.

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