How to Care for Chicks



Think about whether chickens are the right pets for you.,
Decide whether you want to spend time caring for chicks.,
Realize that chicks aren’t all that bad.

Chickens do cost money and take up your time. You’ll need to feed them every morning, provide them with fresh water, clean up their coop (which is a big task), make sure they are safe, provide extra space, collect eggs, worry about diseases, check on the chicks, and much more. However, you shouldn’t let worries overcome you. Most of the problems you hear about chickens are less likely to happen, you should still be aware though.;
, Chicks are harder to care for than hens and can take up much more time. Also, you might not know the sex of the chick and you probably won’t want noisy roosters that will fight each other.

Think about whether you want to purchase chicks or incubate chicks. Incubating your own chicks is a great experience, but isn’t the easiest thing to do. You can also get already hatched chicks sexed but you’ won’t know the sex of the chick if you decide to incubate.

, The information above are all the cons of keeping chicks, now it’s time for the pros. If you take care of your own chicks they will turn out to be friendlier and tamer towards you, it’s a wonderful experience, and chicks are cute and a lot of fun! And besides, when the chicks grow into hens you will get fresh eggs everyday, fertiliser for your garden, and the chickens get rid of unwanted pests such as snails and slugs.

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