How to Care for Chicks



Feed the chicks.,
Provide fresh, clean water at all times.,
Increase the available food and water as the chicks grow.,
Prepare a coop and/or run for your chicks.

The chicks should be fed a chick starter feed since they need a lot of protein. Feed them on a chick starter diet every day but don’t feed day hour old chicks.

You have a choice of feeding them chick crumbles or chick mash. The difference is the size of the pellets. You can also feed them medicated chick starter to prevent Coccidiosis.

, The water shouldn’t contain any chemicals and should be available in a drinker at all times. Refill it daily so that you know it is fresh and clean. Make sure the chicks have easy access to the drinker and that it is away from the heat source.

A bowl of water should have clean pebbles in it if it is too deep so the chicks can’t fall in and drown. The pebbles also encourage the chicks to drink.

, At 8 to 10 weeks, the chicks should be fed a grower feed and can now be given all sorts of treats including table scraps. However, they should not be fed avocado, alcohol, chocolate, caffeine, or salted treats.

The chicks should also have more space since they are a lot bigger than they were before. At least 4 square foot of floor space is necessary.

, You can prepare a coop before you get the chicks, when the chicks are still young or before the chicks have to be transferred to a coop. Whichever one, you must be prepared as chicks grow very fast and will soon need a lot more space (4 square foot each).

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