How to Care for Chicks



Gather the right supplies to care for your chicks.,
Decide where the chicks will stay.,
Set up the brooder.

Your chicks will need something to eat, some shelter, a source of heat, and some bedding. See a list of equipment below:

Heat lamp. Chicks need something to keep them warm for the first few weeks of their lives. A heat lamp is a common choice to go for but you can also use a 100 watt light bulb to keep them warm.
Bedding. The bedding is needed so you can easily clean up the chicks mess. For good bedding look for a material that is absorbent since baby chicks leave a lot of mess. Paper towels and wood shavings are good choices of bedding to use but try not to use newspaper since they are less absorbent, slippery and cause leg problems in chicks.
Feeder and drinker. Make sure the chicks have easy access to them and that they are away from the heat source. If you don’t have a drinker you can use some other container instead. Make sure it isn’t too big or deep and add pebbles to the container if you think its too deep for the chicks.
Chick starter. Unlike normal chicken feed chick starter contains more protein since the chicks need it. Chick starter can be bought from a local feed store and you can buy it in mash or crumbles and medicated or non-medicated. Medicated feed prevents Coccidiosis in chicks.
Thermometer. This is optional, the thermometer is to tell the temperature of the brooder. Although a thermometer is accurate, you can tell the temperature of the brooder by the way the chicks act. If they are huddled under the heat source, they are too cold; whilst if they are trying to get away from the heat source, they are too hot.

, Chicks need a sheltered, draft-free place to stay, such as a garage, shed, basement, etc. Since chicks grow quickly, you will need to have a lot of space to raise them before they are old enough to be transferred to a coop, chicken run, or yard.

The chicks should be kept in a calm, quiet, warm, well-ventilated, and predator-proof room. You should also have easy access to the room and brooder so that you can check and care for the chicks daily. You will probably need to check on them at least twice a day at the early stage of their lives.

, A brooder is a box-like container to raise your chicks in. You can use a simple cardboard box as a brooder or an aquarium, pet carrier, or something similar. The brooder has to be warm, but well ventilated to keep the chicks happy and healthy.

Add the bedding. Spread your choice of bedding around the brooder. You must clean the bedding daily so make sure the brooder is in an easily accessible place for you.
Set up the heat lamp. The heat lamp should be at 95 degrees for the first week of the chicks’ lives. Drop the temperature 5 degrees every week until the chicks are around 6 weeks old or have their feathers.
Put the feeder and drinker inside the brooder. Make sure they are both away from the heat lamp and the chicks can easily get to them. Fill the feeder up with a chick starter and the drinker up with fresh and clean water.

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