How to Care for Burmese Cats



Buy high quality food.,
Feed her the right amount.,
Avoid too many treats.,
Provide fresh water daily.

Burmese cats need certain types of nutrients in order to avoid certain health issues, such as eye conditions and heart disease. Make sure your cat food has plenty of natural meat sources and is not made with just meat byproducts. Look on the label at the ingredients and avoid any food that lists meat byproducts or grains as the first few ingredients.

Your cat is a natural carnivore, which means she requires certain amino acids found in meat products. If your cat doesn’t get enough of them, her health will suffer.If you aren’t sure which food is right for your Burmese cat, ask you vet for advice.

, Your Burmese cat is prone to obesity as she grows older because she will become lazier as she ages. Because of this, you need to make sure you feed your cat the suggested amounts of cat food each day. Look on the label of your cat food to find out how much food you need to feed her every day.

Typically, your cat will prefer to have her meals spread out between two or three times a day. This will help keep her full and happy throughout the day.Avoid keeping dry food out all day long. Your cat may be tempted to eat all day long, which can cause obesity., Sometimes, you may be tempted to feed your cat a lot of treats throughout the day. This can add extra weight to your cat over time as well as mess up the balance of her nutrients. You should not feed treats to your cat more than once or twice a day.

Don’t give milk to your cat as a treat. Cats have a hard time processing the lactose in milk, so feeding them too much of it can cause diarrhea or vomiting., In order to keep your cat healthy, she needs to have access to fresh water every day. You can even have them in multiple places throughout the house so she is encouraged to drink more each day.Change the water bowls daily to avoid the build up of algae or other bacteria.

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