How to Care for an Elderly Guinea Pig



Make their food and water more accessible.,
Reconsider cage setup.,
Clean the cage at least once a week.,
Keep the cage layout consistent.,
Consider a companion for lonely guinea pigs.

As cavies age, they tend to have difficulty getting around. Move their hay, food, and water to a place in their cage that is easily accessible to them. Snacks should not be kept on levels where they are required to jump, and hay should be kept in a bin on the floor versus hanging in a basket., As guinea pigs age, they become less flexible, their legs become fragile, and their hips become delicate. Find toys, homes, and bedding that is more compatible with changing needs. Reduce to a one-story cage to cut down on climbing and jumping, and remove hammocks and hanging tunnels where they can get tangled.Also consider making the floor easier for stepping by creating a flat surface of fleece. Limit bedding such as shavings to a litter pan or the eating area.

, Guinea pigs are naturally clean and tidy creatures so they can become frustrated when their surroundings are dirty. Place your guinea pig in a secure temporary environment, then clean the cage using warm water and biodegradable soap. When thoroughly clean, rinse with water and pat completely dry.You may need to clean the cage more often as your guinea pig ages, or if there are multiple guinea pigs in the home.
You can also use 1 part white vinegar to 3 parts water instead of soap.
Besides deep cleaning, be sure to keep up with daily cleaning such as removing urine and stool, making sure bedding is as clean as possible, and cleaning food and water dishes daily.

, After each cleaning, return furniture and toys to the same location as before. As guinea pigs age, their eyesight begins to fail. Cavies with failing eyesight can make out shapes and outlines by keeping the layout consistent and avoiding busy patterns., When senior guinea pigs lose a companion, they may suffer from loneliness. Changes in behavior include withdrawal, silence, changes in eating habits, and biting. Consider consulting your local shelter to find your guinea pig a new friend.If a new guinea pig is not an option, opt for a stuffed toy buddy with which they can snuggle. Make the toy available at all times.

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