How to Care for a Siberian Cat



Prepare your home for the cat.,
Give the cat room to explore.,
Provide entertainment.

Buy a scratching post, litter box, food, water bowls and a cat bed before bringing your cat home. Make sure to put the litter box in a quiet, low-traffic area–such as a pantry, a guest bathroom, or any secluded nook–where the cat can do its business in private.

Buy a large cat carrier, as the Siberian cat can get quite large. It’s okay if the carrier seems too large at first; the cat will grow into it.
When you bring the cat home, put the carrier in a room, open the door of the cat carrier, and close the door of the room. Leave the cat to explore the room on its own terms.;
, Siberian cats have high energy levels, and they enjoy roaming around. Most prefer having access to the outdoors. If kept indoors, they should have at least a large apartment to explore.

Indoor cats are at risk of obesity due to lower activity levels, so watch their food intake carefully. Outdoor cats are at higher risk of injury and disease–so be careful letting them roam in areas where they may encounter heavy vehicle traffic, wild animals, or pesticides and other chemicals.
Siberians are strong jumpers, and they enjoy exploring high places. They are agile cats, and they don’t tend to break things, but you may consider keeping precious or expensive items out of reach.

, Siberian cats are intelligent, and they need stimulation. Bored Siberian cats may overeat, scratch up the furniture, and Here are a few ways to prevent boredom:

Buy a ceiling-high “tree” where the cat can jump up to survey his territory.
Give the cat toys and feline puzzle games. Experiment with yarn, toy mice, lasers pointers, and catnip. Many Siberian cats enjoy playing fetch. Encourage him with treats or kibble as a reward.
A second cat will usually make the first one less lonely, especially if they are litter mates. Make sure the cats are neutered or spayed, unless you want to deal with kittens; this is especially important if you have a male and a female cat together, but outdoor cats may also encounter opposite-sexed cats around your neighborhood.

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