How to Care for a Siamese Cat



Choose high protein foods.,
Talk to your vet about taurine.,
Feed your cat fixed amounts of food.,
Brush your cat’s teeth regularly.,
Brush your cat regularly.,
Provide perches.,
Spend plenty of time with your cat.,
Deal with noise issues.,
Talk to your vet about screening your Siamese for common health problems.,
Prevent obesity.

Siamese cats benefit from high protein foods. In the wild, Siamese cats feed on freshly caught prey. High protein food, with natural sources of protein, is similar to what your cat would eat in the wild.Look for foods that minimize the use of artificial ingredients. Check the label for natural sources of protein, like fish, poultry, and red meat.When possible, opt for canned food over dry food as canned food tends to have a higher protein content.;
, Siamese cats are sometimes prone to eye problems. Taurine may help prevent genetic eye issues in Siamese cats. Talk to your vet about your cat’s taurine intake. Depending on your cat’s health, they may recommend a special diet or supplements.Never give your cat dietary supplements without consulting a vet first.

, Siamese cats are prone to obesity. Even a small amount of overeating can cause weight gain. Make sure to feed your cat regular meals using set amounts of food. Siamese cats should not be free fed.The label of your cat food indicates how much food your cat should get a day. This is based on your cat’s weight.
Talk to your vet about how much to feed your cat, especially if your cat is overweight. An overweight cat may need a restricted diet for a set amount of time.

, Due to the shape of their head, Siamese cats are prone to dental problems.Brushing your cat’s teeth regularly can help keep teeth healthy. To start brushing your cat’s teeth, spend a few days using your finger or a cotton swab to massage their lips and gums. Once your cat allows their mouth to be handled, start dabbing a small amount of cat toothpaste on their lips.Once your cat is used to handling and toothpaste, use a toothbrush designed for cats to gently rub a small amount of toothpaste on their teeth.
Talk to your vet about how often to brush your cat’s teeth. Cats with existing dental problems may need more frequent brushing.

, Due to their short coat, Siamese cats do not need extensive brushing like other breeds. However, a light brushing with a stainless steel comb weekly will help your cat’s coat stay clean., Siamese cats love to jump and climb. Provide your cat perches throughout your home to meet this need.You can buy perches at pet stores, as well as devices such as kitty condos.
You can also make use of your existing furniture to provide a perch. For example, clear out a section of a bookshelf for your cat.

, Siamese cats are a very social breed. They do not do well with minimal attention from their owners. Make a habit of giving your Siamese cat plenty of attention. Allow your cat to sit with you on the couch while you’re doing things like reading and watching TV. Make time each day to play with your cat so it stays active and happy.Some Siamese cats prefer to sleep in their owner’s beds. If you’re comfortable, consider letting your cat in your bedroom at night.

, Siamese cats tend to be very vocal. They often meow to greet you or when they need food or water. If excessive noise becomes a problem, take steps to quiet your cat.See if your cat actually needs something when they vocalize. If your cat is low on water, or if it’s near dinner time, tending to the cat’s needs can quiet meowing.You should not give in to excessive meowing all the time, however. If a cat is meowing for attention, wait until your cat quiets down to acknowledge it. This will teach your cat excessive vocalization will not be tolerated.

, Siamese cats, like all breeds, are prone to certain health problems. Talk to your vet about whether to screen your cat for specific problems. Siamese cats are prone to eye conditions such as glaucoma, bladder stones, heart problems, and certain cancers.Your vet may want to run tests, such as blood work, if they believe your cat is at a heightened risk of breed specific problems.
If your cat is diagnosed with a health condition, your vet will help you develop a treatment program.

, Siamese cats are more prone to obesity than other breeds. This is due to their small frame, which can easily pack on excess weight. Take measures to prevent your Siamese cat from becoming obese.Play with your cat each day. Schedule time for regular play sessions. You can have your cat chase a string and throw toys for it.Encourage your cat to play during the day by leaving out small toys, like plush mice, your cat can safely play with alone. Toy mice laced with catnip may be particularly enticing for your cat.
Take your cat to the vet each year and have it weighed. If your cat is overweight, your vet will tell you how to adjust its diet to get it to a healthy weight.

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