How to Care for a Savannah Cat



Feed it age-appropriate food.,
Choose a high quality, brand name food.,
Feed your adult cat twice a day.,
Provide it with fresh water daily.

When your cat is a kitten, you will need to feed it kitten food. Make sure to check the food’s label to see if the food you have chosen is age-appropriate. After one year of age, your cat can eat adult cat food., Make sure the food you choose is high in protein, since Savannah cats require a high-protein diet. Check the ingredients list for quality. Make sure the first three ingredients are a named meat like chicken, beef, salmon, or veal. If not, then choose a different brand.You may feed your cat both dry and wet food.

, If your cat is a kitten, then you may need to feed it three smaller meals per day. How much food you feed your cat depends on its age, activity level, and health. Therefore, make sure to consult your vet about your cat’s diet. Your vet will be able to come up with diet plan that meets your cat’s lifestyle needs.For example, if you and your cat are very active, then you may need to feed it more food per day.

, Dump out and re-fill your cat’s water bowl with fresh water once, if not twice, a day. Additionally, make sure to rinse the bowl and remove any debris and dirt before re-filling it with fresh water.

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