How to Care for a Russian Blue



Feed your cat two times a day.,
Provide water for your cat.,
Clean the cat’s litter box frequently.

The Russian Blue loves food and will often try and trick owners into overfeeding. Do not let this happen because obesity can lead to major health problems, such as diabetes. Because of this, you should stick to scheduled feeding, instead of free range feeding. This way you will be able to monitor your cat’s food intake and will easily notice if your cat begins to eat less, which could be a sign of a health problem. Give your cat a ¼ cup to a ½ cup of food, twice daily.Feed your cat a premium, grain-free, dry cat food such as Royal Canin, Halo, or Acana.
You can also give your cat more expensive, protein rich, grain-free canned food.
Avoid giving a Russian Blue too many treats because they are susceptible to weight gain.;
, Water is an important part of a cat’s diet, and due to their low thirst drive, some cats do not get enough water.As a result, water should be available for your cat at all times throughout the day. If your cat does not get enough water they could develop kidney or urinary tract problems. In order to prevent this, increase your cat’s water intake by:Supplementing your cat’s diet with premium, canned cat food mixed with a bit of water.
Purchasing a pet fountain from your local pet store in order to make your cat’s water station more attractive. Cats are more likely to drink water that is running or moving.
Placing multiple water bowls throughout the house and changing the water daily.

, Russian Blues are a very nit-picky breed and many will not even enter the litter box when it is not cleaned.As a result you should scoop out feces daily and fully change the litter box at least twice a week. The Russian Blue is extra particular about hygiene, which means you may have to clean the litter box more frequently. Monitor your cat and find a routine that works.Frequently cleaning the litter box can also reduce smells and odors.
Place the litter box in a quiet space, such as a bathroom or laundry room, in order to reduce odors in your living space. It is also important to make sure that the litter box is not placed behind a closed door because the cat needs to be able to access it at all times.

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