How to Care for a Llama



Shear your llama regularly.,
Clip your llama’s nails.,
Trim your llama’s teeth if needed.

If you have a wooly llama, you will need to shear it at least once, if not twice, a year. Because they have adapted to the cool and moist highlands of South America, a llama’s dense fleece can get too hot in the summer months. You should shear your llama in spring and be sure to leave at least one inch (2.5 cm) of fiber for protection against the elements.Classic llamas, as opposed to the wooly variety, do not produce as much wool and should rarely be sheared.
If you are new to shearing llamas, you should have an experienced shearer show you how it is done. You may also be able to hire someone to do it for you.
If you shear your llama’s fleece too short, it may get too cold or become sunburned.
Once sheared, you can sell your llama’s fleece.

, Most llamas will never need to have their toes trimmed. However, if your animal comes into contact with a hard surface, they may need a trimming every 2 to 3 months. If your llama does need its nails trimmed, use a pair of large animal nail clippers and make sure that the nails are flush with the bottom of the footpad. , Male llamas develop a set of sharp “fighting” teeth that they use against other males and intruders. You may choose to have your veterinarian remove these teeth to prevent any injury to other animals and yourself. However, if you keep your male away from other males, you may not need to remove the teeth.Be sure to talk with your veterinarian about removing your llama’s teeth.

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