How to Care for a Lesser Sulfur Crested Cockatoo



Make sure you even have time to spend with your feathery friend.,
If you are going to train your feathery friend, you need to teach him two important things.,
Make sure that he has room.,
Provide plenty of toys.

Birds who don’t receive enough attention, love, and affection will become quite noise and sometimes even aggressive.;
, Not to poop in the house and not to be aggressive towards other family members. In other words, not to be a one person bird.

, Lesser sulfur crested cockatoos need plenty of room to play, climb, and explore. So, you need to provide a cage at least 36″ long, 24″wide, by 48″ tall. It is a good idea to have multiple or extremely secure locks since these avian Einsteins will devise clever ways to escape. Space between the bars shall never exceed 3/4.

, Make sure they are made of wood to keep their beaks filed down.

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