How to Care for a LaPerm Cat



Give them enough exercise.,
Give them toys to play with.,
Take them to the veterinarian for regular checkups.,
Keep the kitty litter clean.

The LaPerm breed has origins in farm houses and barns, so it was often an outdoors cat. Typically, it is quite active and requires regular exercise. If you live in the city, you should consider taking it for daily walks. If you have an interior courtyard or enclosed outdoor area, you could let it play outside for periods of the day.Letting your cat roam around outside without supervision can be dangerous. Vehicles, other animals, and toxic substances all pose safety threats.

, To ensure your cat gets plenty of exercise, you might consider giving the cat plenty of toys to use in the house, such as scratching pads and towers. There are plenty of interactive toys to choose from:Try chaser toys, which give your cat the opportunity to chase small balls around a track.
A mouse toy will move around the house on its own. It looks like a real mouse, so your LaPerm will chase it while you are at work.
Use the cat charmer, which your cat will dance around for fun.

, The LaPerm is generally a hardy cat. There are no known diseases associated with this breed. However, like any cat, you will need to make sure it gets annual vaccinations, dental checkups and deworming.Talk to your veterinarian to determine what vaccinations your cat needs. Often, vaccines will be given in multiple doses over time., LaPerm cats are very particular about the cleanliness of their bathrooms. So, you should regularly clean their kitty litter. Use a scooper to take out any clumps and then add some fresh litter.The frequency of cleaning will depend on whether you have one or two litter boxes in the house, as well as how often each of them are used:Try replacing it every other day.
Twice a week is the minimum.

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