How to Care for a Havana Brown Cat



Interact with your cat often.,
Play with your Havana.,
Consider getting a companion for your cat.,
Provide many places to climb.

Havanas are extremely social cats. They don’t like to be alone for long periods, and they don’t like it if you close doors so they cannot be in the same room with you. Make sure to spend time with your cat every day.If you are gone a lot, Havanas are not the right cat breed for you.

, Havanas like playing only if you do it with them. They don’t often like to amuse themselves. Instead, they want to be with you, even when playing. When you buy toys for the Havana, make sure to buy ones that you and your cat can interact with.For example, Havanas respond well to you tossing a ball for them or holding dangling toys for them.
Havana Browns are very intelligent, so they do well with puzzle toys that contain treats for them to figure out how to remove.

, Havana Browns are extremely social and love other animals, in addition to their humans. They are also great with children. If you do not have a large family, or if you are gone often, consider getting another cat or dog to be with your cat.This breed is very friendly and playful, so get a cat or dog that likes to play and who is also friendly. The Havana Brown is known to play tag with other animals in the house., Havana Browns are energetic and agile, so they need places to climb and play. They love to be high, so vertical space is a must if you have a Havana Brown.Set up cat trees or cat shelves in your home.

Cat shelves that climb high or that are over doorways may be a good idea because it gives your cat a high place to perch and sleep.
Havana Browns also love to nap, so setting up cat shelves for napping or cat trees with places to sleep will make this breed very happy.

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